Paint with Noor (est. 2016)

The start

As a teenager growing up surrounded by history in one of Egypt’s oldest cities I was constantly confronted with a variety of situations, sometimes good, sometimes bad.
From a young age I realized the struggles and hardship of others and I always felt compassionate, I wanted to help. But how?
I realized I had to give back, in fact I realized I needed to.
Being fortunate enough to be able to help I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.
It was then that I discovered my passion for painting and art.
I wanted to give back to my community.
That is the story of how “Paint with Noor” was born.

The present

Giving back to my community:

Through the power of art.
A school-outside-of-school.
Three times FREE painting class a week in Alexandria, Egypt.
A monthly giveaway of €15 worth of art supplies for less fortunate children interested in arts (thanks to my kindhearted and loving partner Jason).

Important message for parents:

Please remember to give your children 2 water bottles before coming to the class to stay hydrated. Preferably in a bag or backpack with nametag
(as always a 33 cl juice, 2 sandwiches are provided by us for those staying 2 hours or longer).